Describe your experience with Northwest Fertility Center. We did a Progesterone test to ensure that I ovulated and he scheduled an HSG to make sure my tubes were clear and open. And affordable compared to every where else! Always available to answer my many questions! Friendly faces: Every person in that office is happy to see you and happy to be helping. 1750 South Harbor Way, Suite 200 He will run tests for you, if requested, but doesn’t just run tests to run them. He listens to your symptoms and concerns and treats based on that. Recognized me and my spouse when we came in, referred to past scenarios without having to read up on notes etc, Best nursing staff! The clinic [Northwest Fertility Center] is small and the doctor sees you every time you’re in and also will call you to talk about next steps after a failed cycle. We did a Progesterone test to ensure that I ovulated and he scheduled an HSG to make sure my tubes were clear and open. We did see a nurse on embryo transfer days - she assists Dr. Stoelk with the procedure. I never had to call to request test results, they were relayed to me in a very reasonable amount of time. I had an hsg done and he had a full schedule that day but worked me in inbetween cases he had that day. He gave us a lot of information on infertility in general and various common causes. But when you are ready to be a parent and are having trouble getting pregnant or carrying to term, there comes a time to make another pivotal decision: to seek the help of a fertility specialist. Toolbox 4 Healthcare is a boutique web company focusing on the development of nonprofits, eCommerce and healthcare related websites. Northwest Fertility Center is a group practice with 1 location. My spouse is sterile. "Dr. Stoelk will always be near and But DR Stoelk was confident and realistic. That care continued through our whole cycle. Specialties: We provide comprehensive, individualized infertility treatment with the highest standards of medical excellence and compassionate care. 22 eggs were retrieved, 18 fertilized and 14 made it to 8 days cell on the 5th day. It is a small team, so you will never wonder what new face you may see. to you. Sit down with Dr. Stoelk. available -simply call Dr. Stoelk has been by our side since 2007 and shared in our many heartaches. He doesn't have you do a ton of extra, unnecessary, tests to get your money. They provided contact information outside of business hours which made us feel important. Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Endometriosis, Unexplained. He is thorough in going through all the tests to pinpoint what is going on so be patient. Where you see a “?” on the chart, a clinic has done fewer than 20 cycles in this category and age range, so the CDC says showing percentages from this small data set would be misleading and unreliable. We are so grateful for his help in starting our family! The people at the office are all very friendly and compassionate. He never gives up. From consultation to conception he never disappointed.... Called to make sure I was ok after negative results or starting a new cycle with clomid. The clinic is inviting and warm. 2 embryos transferred; 12 were frozen Donor: Lupron for 10 days to sync; ultrasound and blood tests done and Bravelle Ingections began. Center Northwest Fertility Center. I had no problems with scheduling appointments. Dr Stoelk remembered every detail and was blunt and honest about the treatment we should pursue. It was very awkward and strange - it made me feel like I was seeing a Dr. from the 1950's. This is the most recent data from the CDC. A good communicator of the problem and possible solutions. It is a difficult journey and we felt their support the entire time. Blood draws and testing $310. Always encouraging, honest but optimistic and real at the same time. When I met Dr Stoelk he evaluated my condition with the help of blood tests and ultrasounds to suggest the best treatment. He cares about people and about doing the right thing. Dr Stoelk would always explain what I read and break it down in real speak. (Assigned nurse: Chloe). Previous fertility clinics we had been to wanted you to go through every option first which is costly and emotionally draining when you never get pregnant. Trust him. He also gave us space after receiving bad news and then following up later at a better time. Northwest Fertility Center | Infertility Treatment and Consultations – 25 Years of Happy Faimilies. There is so much information out there Our number one priority is to treat each of our patients as the individuals that they are. It's not all about what the averages are. Kept costs down compared to other clinics. You do not fall through the cracks as each person knows who you are and what you are there for. They always remember you and no question or concern is dumb. This patient has provided documentation of treatment at this clinic. Whether you're seeking healthcare, Northwest Fertility Center medical office in Portland can help you. 1 hospital in Illinois, we are proud to support all individuals and families on … They [Northwest Fertility Ctr] are a personable clinic in that you are dealing with the same people most of the time. I had surgery with him to resolve some issues and with a bit more help, we conceived on our first cycle post surgery! I can’t remember the name of it but basically he takes a swab of mucus and puts it under a microscope to to see if any sperm are alive. We only had to pay out of pocket for the medications, which ended up being $3000-4000. I cannot believe the pain and trauma I withstood... looking back, we will do anything for our cha, Dr. Stoelk [at Northwest Fertility Center] was very rude to us any time we asked for anything out of his typical protocol. Don't go - not enough clarity or directness of communication, which leads to confusion, misunderstanding, disappointment, and lack of trust. Confidentiality is of utmost importance and that’s why they have a glass sliding window separating the reception staff from the patients waiting in the room. Search for other Physicians & Surgeons, Reproductive Endocrinology in Portland on The Real Yellow Pages®. What specific things went wrong at Northwest Fertility Center? He has awesome bed side manner. Sometimes it was good to just answer my questions or concerns candidly but he always reminded me that every person is different... No gouging and when our first proven donor didn't produce enough eggs he gave us the next cycle of meds at no cost. All the while helping calm a terrified woman (me) that I was in confident and experienced hands. The same 2 people did all my blood draws, picked up the phone when I called, helped me with scheduling and questions. We then moved on to an hsg to make sure my tubes were open along with some labs. The board-certified physicians at Northwestern Medicine Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine offer innovative, effective solutions for a wide range of conditions. Weaknesses: Office could look a little more modern, but I really prefer a warmer and thorough experience over having a flashy office. Since he has been practicing for so long, he knows what works and doesn’t work. He answered his cell phone on the 3rd ring and had me calmed down and reassured me in a way only he could. My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Northwest Fertility. He prayed with us and was also very honest. Sometimes you read way too much about infertility on blogs and we research way too much on Google. Parking was limited, but we never had any issues finding a spot... During our consultation, he spontaneously did a pelvic exam. Ultrasound was scheduled for lining check and waited for egg retrieval of the donor. I thought their [Northwest Fertility Center's] strength was the one on one time you got with the staff. It was unsuccessful so we are going again this time with 50mg of Clomid...sees you every time you’re in and also will call you to talk about next steps after a failed cycle. I went to 4 other doctors in Portland, 2 of which are other fertility clinics and they found no such things. Weaknesses: Office could look a little more modern, but I really prefer a warmer and thorough experience over having a flashy office. Book early. I always felt welcomed and comfortable.... We used injections to help me grow nice big eggs! All of these were normal so he believed maybe I had endometriosis from some of my symptoms so I then had laparoscopic surgery that did diagnose me with endometriosis, which he lasers off in the surgery.He then wanted us to try for a few more months with the endometriosis gone. After the first round, I wish Dr. Stoelk suggested more testing and took more time to investigate what went wrong instead of modifying the protocol a little and moving forward. He advises based on your individual needs and not on trying to get more money/cycles out of you. The doctor and staff are great. Read up and ask for procedures and testing. Endometriosis, PCOS, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Unexplained. We ended up pregnant with our first transfer at our new clinic. We started at the bottom with several clomid cycles, clomid with progesterone. He is sick and because of him I’m am dealing with a PTSD. (free parking) I cannot say enough great things about my doctor. He is candid about YOUR chances of fertilization and live births.